Metalstorm : Review Mindlag Project


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Metalstorm : Review Mindlag Project


This is the first time that I hear something about Mindlag Project but apparently the band has already released 3MCDs which just didn’t find the way to finish into my hands. Anyway today we will talk about the first “real” album of the French combo which will maybe create a big sensation in our beloved French country. I’m sure that some of you are already curious and want to discover why, well no need to wait anymore time then and let me introduce you “Mindlag Project”, a really good album made in France!

Some people say that Mindlag Project is a Thrash Metal combo with “core” influences. I don’t know where they found this denomination but even if obviously the riffs can be Thrash and the vocals can be aggressive like some Hardcore ones, the first name which comes to my mind is Furia with “Un Lac De Larmes Et De Sang”. Without being a clone of the really good French combo, Mindlag Project plays in the same category. The music on “Mindlag Project” is a great mix of really dark and aggressive Heavy Metal (with strong melodies of course) and Thrashy riffs, clean and Death vocals with even some “folk” influences (little ones) which come from the cello of Romain Dallier. The music is original really melodic on a side but disturbing and clearly mystical on the other one. The album is long and a bit theatrical like “Un Lac De Larmes Et De Sang”, including interludes, different characters, noises or sounds there and there, this is really complex with a strong story. Despite this complex approach, the music of Mindlag Project is effective and all the songs are pure in your face compositions. If you like Thrashy Heavy Metal and blasting riffs, you’ll get all what you want here! “Mindlag Project” is original, at 1000 kms of the trendy releases that we can hear nowadays.

“Mindlag Project” is a nice conceptual album with French lyrics (one more time like with Furia) but even if you don’t understand French, you’ll like the music which simply works anyway. The production is really good maybe that only the cover looks a bit amateurish unfortunately but at least it fits to the general ambiance of the album. The guys are good musicians, the voice of Mathieu Melero is nice in the genre, this album is not really Heavy and not really Thrash or Death too but I’m quite sure that the people who like melodic Metal in general (and I’m not talking about Power Metal choruses) will like it. “Mindlag Project” is a great beginning obviously.

I really hope that you’ll try to check this album. If you’re a nostalgic of Furia first period, you’ll probably find a way here to listen to again the same kind of music. “Mindlag Project” is a great first try and the goal is scored no doubt. I hope that the band will simply follow this way in the future, I’m ready to bet some Euros on this guys, believe me we will talk about them soon… “Mindlag Project” is one of those unexpected surprises which come from a newcomer which will not stay in shadow for a long time, I’m happy to have such kind of original bands in my country.

Written by Jeff

Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 8

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