Hüsker Dü’s Diane Cover

Hi everyone!

Here’s a video I’ve hesitate to put on the web. Indeed, it wasn’t on our playlist, but as Romain get a technical issue, we start to play it, and finally he joins us to play it.
This is an important song for my brother Julien and I, we really like the Therapy? version on it, with a Cello. It’s a cover from Hüsker Dü, which was originaly played in a more punk rock way.
I advise you to watch the videoclip from Therapy? it’s worth seeing
This song is obviously the one that makes us want to make string arrangements, and by the way, maybe we start working with Romain thanks to it! Anyway we were not surprise to learn that he was keen on this song too, and it was a pleasur to share it live with those who where present. So I decide to put this song on youtube, despite the fact that the quality of the video is not that good.
Hope you’ll enjoy it! See ya

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